We need to talk about Nick...

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I have been many things; DJ, podcaster, teacher, philosopher, animator, bathroom seller... I am fascinated by people, ideas and creativity. This smorgasbord of work history has given me a knack for collaboration, communication and open-mindedness. These are skills which I have now focused into a career in user-centered design.


Curiosity from a young age lead me to complete a degree in philosophy, which in turn gave me a knack for handling complex ideas... Hit me up if you have any crazy theories you'd like to work on - I'm a particular fan of panspermia (intergalactic mushroom theory).

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The General Assembly immersive course was my transition into UX. Over 10 weeks we nailed the fundamental principles in the double-diamond framework while completing 4 design sprints, including one for a real client. All in all it was a wonderful experience. 


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I like animation. A lot. Especially stop motion. Before UX I was an animator for 7 years; I made films for Red Bull, BBC, Aardman and many others. The film I had the most fun with was one I made for myself called Time Chicken, a film about a chicken who needs to fix it's society by finding an answer to the ultimate question - which came first, the chicken or the egg? Watch it and my other work by clucking here.

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Drawing was the beginning of everything for me. I started with monsters and silly faces at the age of 4 and I'm now going strong with wireframes and storyboards.