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For this 2-week solo design sprint at General Assembly, I was tasked with turning a pain point from a fellow classmate into an amazing mobile app opportunity. It was a great chance to go in depth into solving a specific problem for a specific user, plus a wonderful chance to flex my creative muscle.


User Interview.jpeg

Discover & Define


My classmate wished she understood 'how history and the modern world fit together', so my solution was a knowledge discovery app which allows the user to tap links between items in history - a visual Wikipedia journey.

Through a process of user interviews, experience mapping, journey mapping and ideation, I gained ever deeper insight into my user's behaviours around the knowledge-accumulation process. From this package of research and inspiration, the concept for the app was born - a visual journey connecting events, people, places, ideas and objects through time. The challenges would be to make a compelling visual representation of these connections while ensuring a compelling and intuitive user experience.

Scannable Document 3 on 14 Aug 2018, 16-
Scannable Document 2 on 14 Aug 2018, 16-
Scannable Document 4 on 14 Aug 2018, 16-

Develop & Test

After settling on an idea, I tested a main flow for discovering knowledge, starting with the Spanish Inquisition and progressing through a chain of related items in history. Moving from paper to low-fidelity wireframes and mid-fidelity wireframes allowed me to identify some important aspects to the concept and design. At the point of high-fidelity, I was testing for surface design alone, which I generated based on a mood board and style guide.

Usability Test.jpeg
Eppio Journey.jpg
Tutorial 4.png


Users wanted to just keep tapping and tapping, so the original idea of entering a start and end point was scrapped and engagement was increased by simply beginning with a start point which allowed users to keep going.

The map had great reactions, but once users understood it was part of a bigger picture, they reported wanting to see a zoomed out version. 

Users were also turned off by the idea of membership or location services to find nearby objects. 

A feature added at mid-fidelity was the small "+" button, which allows users to add other objects to the chain and drag them onto objects already visible to show how they connect. Users were delighted to know they could also add themselves if they wished (after adding some info) to discover how they fitted into the picture. 




Eppio proved to be an engaging, surprising and rewarding experience for users. Betow is a video walkthrough with on-boarding, do check it out!


Mariana was thrilled with the app I created for her. If I had more time, some more usability tests and visual design tweaks would have gone a long way. My next step would have been to meet with developers to ascertain the feasibility and potential for the build of a product like this. 

All in all, the project was amazing fun. If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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