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Walking in the City



This was a 24-hour project, sprouting from an idea my partner and I formed whilst on holiday. Once we got home, we put this together over a weekend.

All over the world, especially in urban centres, there is an inevitable risk to the security of your person and your property. Phone snatches, attacks, and accidents all happen quickly require a quick response. SafeWords is an attempt to leverage the full potential of the phone in your pocket to mitigate and respond to these dangers. 

Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 17.47.07.png

Elevator pitch

The threat to personal safety and property is a fact of life. Phone theft alone is a worrying trend in London, with roughly 16,000-20,000 phone thefts a year.


Something like an iPhone has the ability to record sound, video, location, speed, and even elevation, all of which could help locate and later charge perpetrators. We believe we can leverage these features with a voice-activated trigger, in the event of an attack.

Victims of phone theft
...need a way to...
send for help and gather information about the crime that they can...
recover their phone and prosecute the perpetrators.



Video walkthrough

Setting up an alert. Design system: Material UI


This isn't the most original idea, but it was fun to carry the spirit of the solution through such a short design phase. The app is basically a way to setup a better user experience than saying "Hey Siri/Google, turn on location tracking, microphone, video camera, and alert [PERSON X] that I'm in trouble." 

Things that helped the process go smoothly and speedily were focusing on a particular use case, using the Material UI Kit on Figma Community, and using the Jobs To Be Done statement template.

There's lots more to design, and technical constraints to be considered, but for now we were pretty happy with this. Let me know what you think!

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